Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recently at 575 Haight Street

A few new tattoos I've done while working at Idle Hand Tattoo.

Kris loves burritos. Vegan burritos specifically. Now everyone knows...

Kris also loves his dog Wallace. Wallace is also called Pig. So about a week later Kris was back for round two. And since dog tattoos are one of my personal favorites to do, this was especially fun.

Andrew really loved the Snake Girls tattoo I did on Kourtnie last year, so I drew up his very own version to cap off his left cuff.

Still working at Idle Hand for now. Email me for questions or to set up an appointment:


  1. When you come visit the east coast you're going to have to do a Fred tattoo me thinks. We need to brainstorm something ridiculously awesome. Having him rocking in a chair on a porch with a shotgun yelling at some kids in his yard? That sounds about right for that grumpy bastard!