Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lost In Greenpoint

After a busy weekend with One Trip Pass, painting room 408 at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, I crossed the bridge to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for some long overdue girl-time with two of my oldest dearest friends in the U.S., Janis and Sue.

An adventure walk along the East River with Sue just as the thunder rolled in over the city. As a Bay Area transplant I never get thunder anymore, and I do miss the epic late summer thunderstorms in the North East. The smell of the heavy rain on the hot streets is unmistakable.

Sue works at East River Tattoo in Greenpoint. Before meeting up at the shop I had some time to explore the area, a great little neighborhood with cute boutiques, antique stores, restaurants and coffee shops, tucked away just north of Williamsburg.
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The lovely Sue and the East River

East River Tattoo, just as the rain started

Seeing how the three of us have been friends for over 10 years, since I was fresh off the boat from Sweden, we decided to commemorate the occasion with some late night spur of the moment matching tattoos.

Janis had never done a tattoo before...

...but for a first timer she did pretty damn good!

There's nothing quite like 3 am tattoos.

I will hopefully be back in Greenpoint by early to mid October, and will be doing a guest stint at East River Tattoo. If you're interested in making an appointment, email me at for more info.

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